Thanks to Marilyn Monroe, moles are considered a mark of beauty as hers made her the legendary beauty icon she is today.

Moles are benign spots of pigmentation on your skin that may vary in colors ranging from tan, black, purple, and brown. While some moles may have been with you since your birth, others develop over time.

But did you know moles can be cancerous as well? Let’s take a look at some signs of a cancerous mole and ways through which you can get rid of it.

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Cancerous moles

The good news is that not all benign moles are dangerous and only a small percentage of them are cancerous. The risk of developing a cancerous mole may vary, depending on a variety of factors like damages caused to the skin by the sun or history of cancer in the family.

Some identifying features of a cancerous mole are: the mole bleeds from time to time, they have pus inside them, they appeared out of nowhere, and they change colors.

Examining moles

Despite these characteristics of a cancerous mole, one can never be certain whether a mole is cancerous or not. Only a medical expert has the skill-set to comprehensively examine the mole and assess whether it has cancerous properties.

Once the nature of the mole is determined, most people opt for a mole removal treatment.

Let’s take a look at what some of these mole removal techniques are.

girl with afro hairDifferent methods of mole removal

There are many modes of mole removal that medical experts and dermatologists have at their disposal. Each of the techniques eliminates the growth of the mole by creating a small wound.


This method of mole removal is suitable for small or flat moles. The process comprises micro-currents of electricity that heat the mole to destroy the targeted area on the skin. The electricity can also halt the blood supply to the mole.

Shave excision

This is a straight forward method where a scalpel blade is used to cut into the skin and remove a piece of it that has the mole on it. The recovery time for this treatment is minimal and patients heal relatively faster.

Cut and stitch

This technique is most popular for larger moles that are raised from the surface of the skin. A small stitch is made to take out the mole.

Laser mole removal

This method is popular for mole removal if the doctors want to treat several layers of the skin to cut off the mole’s reach in each layer once and for all. This method is quicker and more effective than other forms of mole removal.

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