Glowing, healthy skin, free from blemishes speaks volumes not only about your self-care habits but also your diet. What we consume also affects our skin—for better or for worse. A balanced, nutritious, and healthy diet is also necessary to prevent skin diseases.

Our dietary choices often revolve around our waistline, but now it’s time to start thinking about food as a way to get gorgeous and glowing skin. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how your diet affects your skin.

Foods that Benefit the Skin

A diet consisting of refined carbohydrates, ready meals, and processed foods can lead to inflammation in the body as well as worsen skin problems like acne, according to Discover Good Nutrition.

A common reasons behind skin damage is exposure to UV rays that lead to development of free radicals which affect collage production. Over time, this creates wrinkles and fine lines. Food rich in antioxidants such as vegetables and fruits combat the effects of UV rays and also improve skin texture.

Fish is packed with proteins, ingredients necessary for the development of collagen and elastin and keeping the skin supple. It also contains precious omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and keep the skin healthy.

Other beneficial foods include brightly colored vegetables and fruits which get their color from compounds known as carotenoids. Certain types of carotenoids are converted by the body into vitamin A, a vital ingredient for skin cell reproduction.

Foods that Harm the Skin

Simple carbohydrates such as refined sugar are commonly found in candies, soft drinks, cakes, and cookies. These cause the insulin levels within the body to spike, which then leads to inflammation and the breakdown of both collagen and elastin. Sugar present within such foods can also contribute to sagging skin.

The fatty protein present in red meat, pizzas, and cheese cubes results in dark circles under the eyes as well as dull and puffy skin.

Salt present in pretzels, popcorn, and crisps causes the skin to retain excessive moisture and makes it look bloated and puffy. High doses of iodized salt are known to cause acne breakouts. Also, avoid processed or junk food items since they contain additives and chemicals that cause premature aging and inflammation.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t just manage your diet based on whether it adds weight or not, but also consider its effects on the skin. If you feel as though your skin has lost its glow, isn’t as smooth as it used to be, or has wrinkles and fine lines, head over to Southern Dermatology. The skincare facility provides skin rejuvenation treatment in Lawrenceville, Georgia that gives you a smooth, healthy, and glowing skin!

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