Start Your Journey to Allergy Free Living

At Southern Dermatology, we believe that everyone deserves to live an allergy-free life. That’s why we provide quality skin allergy tests to help individuals with various skin allergies access the treatment and relief they need.

How Our Skin Allergy Testing Can Help

Southern Dermatology offers skin allergy testing to help you determine which allergens are triggering your reaction. This type of testing allows us to identify the specific allergen and recommend appropriate treatment options.

With our tests, you can, get an accurate diagnosis  Receive personalized treatment plans, minimize the risk of future allergic reactions, and ensure early detection and prevention of potential health risks associated with allergies

Our treatment options include, Immunotherapy (allergy shots), Antihistamines, Topical corticosteroids, and Epinephrine injections in cases of severe reactions.

Other lifestyle modifications may also be recommended to reduce exposure to allergens, such as avoiding certain foods or changing bedding frequently. With proper diagnosis and treatment, most people are able to manage their symptoms effectively.


The Best Skin Treatment Services Available.

Mole Removal

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Chemical Peels

Take advantage of our chemical peels to help exfoliate and stimulate new cell growth within your skin.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Our anti-aging treatments help prevent wrinkles from deepening, while erasing those deep lines that have already formed.

Laser Hair Removal

We utilize cutting edge lasers to provide unparalleled treatment efficacy for hair removal.


Our Microdermabrasion treatment is excellent to individuals looking for quick and precise results.